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Hands-On Cultural Cooking Workshops with LIVE music!

Cooking Workshops

We teach you how to make a dish from one of several different cultures, accompanied by LIVE singing and music from that particular heritage.
EXAMPLE Polish Pierogi Workshops 
Our Polish Pierogi Workshops teach guests how to make authentic pierogi, accompanied by traditional songs & music from the Polish/Ukrainian highlands.
This is wrapped up with a communal meal at the end! These are very social, fun and engaging events, with a strong cultural component.
Each Workshop holds about 8 - 14 people and runs for 2.5 - 3 hrs.

Live Music & Singing

All our workshops have live singing accompaniment. Most have a live band also, playing music appropriate to that workshop.
For example, our Polish Pierogi workshops often have the Polish folk band, Polky Village Band, playing traditional Polish folk music. Our French Pastries workshop has Minuit A Paris, a band playing classic French music in the style of Edith Piaf.
EXAMPLE Polish Pierogi Workshops 
Music while making food is a deeply Polish tradition. 

Maria Rozynska sings at every Polish Pierogi workshop (she is a trained choral soprano). We might also have the Polky Village Band providing live traditional Polish/Ukrainian music! They are led by Ewalina Ferenc and are one of the premier folk bands in the GTA.

Communal Meal

In the spirit of working & eating together, everyone puts in 3-5 of their own creations into a common pot.
This helps the workshop end on a  social, communal note, rather than everyone simply downing tools and walking away. Also, after all that work during the class you are guaranteed to be hungry - and a what's better than a meal you've made yourself, augmented with side dishes, condiments and toppings, accompanied by LIVE music? This gives everyone a chance to unwind, chitchat, compare notes and soak up some music.
EXAMPLE Polish Pierogi Workshops 
Your pierogi are immediately cooked and served with sour cream and warm caramelized onion toppings. 

We also provide various extra dishes, each one with a strong Polish theme and history. The remainders can be taken home and frozen - if you can resist eating them on the way home! ;)


I went to Maria's pierogi workshop at The Dépanneur and it was such fun. I would definitely recommend it.
Vanessa LeBlanc
Facebook review
"I wish Maria would open up a place of her own so all of us can get on with celebrating her gorgeous Polish cuisine daily!
"Between the wonderful people I met, the beautiful Polish folk music, and amazing instruction, I’m already looking forward to my next Polish cooking lesson!"
Alana DeHaan
Facebook review
"What an awesome cultural experience! [..] Highly recommend especially as a date night or with a friend!"
"It was an amazing workshop and a lot of fun! You were a great host Maria. [...] Everything was so well organized, clean, informative and yummy! "
Alexandra Serra
Facebook review
Amazing little workshop! My sister and I traveled from Ottawa to Toronto just for this workshop.
Erika Hille
Facebook review

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We host our workshops at several different locations within Toronto. We use classic workshop/event venues as well as some lovely restaurants. Our roster is steadily expanding.
You can learn more about each location (e.g. Parking, TTC access, etc)  here.
Each spot has a very distinct personality and style, allowing us to stay fresh and new with each event!

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We are very proactive and always open to meet new people and make fresh connections. We have a very collaborative approach and love to try something new!
Naturally, we are always happy to answer booking, payment or general questions you may have.

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Corporate Events

Want to thank your hard-working employees? Need to give a colleague a birthday gift from the office? Or looking to organize a night out for the team, something different?
A fun, relaxed and very rewarding Workshop can be easily arranged. We can come to a venue you suggest or host an event at one of our locations.

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Maria Rozynska
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