Cooking Workshops

With LIVE music and a Communal Meal

This is what We Do

We provide hands-on cooking Workshops for a variety of culturally specific dishes, wrapped up by Live Music and a Communal Meal.


We teach you to make unique dishes in a very practical & pragmatic way


Advanced Workshops, showing you how to make a simple, multi-course meal

Kids Camps

Simple, quick and fun-packed  cooking camps, each day features a different culture!

Supper Clubs

Classic dinner parties, intimate and special with delightful live music & singing

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We're Unique

Great music and great food go hand in hand. Tie in a common cultural background, superb singers and hosts intimately familiar with their heritage and you have something very, very special indeed!


Each Host of a Workshop is immersed in their culture's heritage and cuisine. Often, they are themselves from the home country.
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All our Singers share a deep love of their musical heritage and a strong desire to share that knowledge in a fun, new way.
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Each location has a very distinct personality and style, allowing us to stay fresh and new with each event!
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Live Music & Singing

Almost all our workshops have live singing. Most have a live band also, playing music native or traditional to their culture. Often the bands use older instruments that are unique to their musical heritage.

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Just Be Cooking
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Karusia Wroblewski
Karusia Wroblewski
Maria is an enthusiastic, accomplished, and generous teacher of cooking and culture. I now have two of her workshops... under my belt, and one Christmas dinner, and I look forward to many more events. Her classes are organized, informative, and interactive. She sprinkles in lovely anecdotes about Polish culture, and stories about how her beloved recipes have been handed down through generations of women sharing kitchen wisdom together. You feel like you’re part of her extended family! Everyone who attends is friendly and supportive; there are lots of laughs, and a beautiful community feel. And she sings beautiful folk songs from the highlands, to heighten the mood.... Maria is the perfect hostess, in every way. These workshops have proven to be a lovely way for me to personally connect with my own Polish roots. Highly, highly recommended! And extra sweet when the experience is shared with a friend or loved one.read more
Mila Redwood
Mila Redwood
I took the Bosnian cooking class at Just Be Cooking and it was truly life-changing. As the daughter of a Macedonian... immigrant, I was never able to learn how to make cabbage rolls with my Baba (Grandmother). This class provided an opportunity to finally learn how to make cabbage rolls, in the presence of such thoughtful, caring, and skilled cooks. The feast afterwards was an absolute delight, and the whole evening was something I will never forget. Thank you for an unforgettable experience!read more
Mary Almeida
Mary Almeida
My husband and I have attended the Sonhos workshop and the Portuguese Custard workshop. I hesitate to call them... workshops because they are really cultural experiences. A Hands on cooking lesson, sharing traditional food, listening to traditional music and meeting new people are all part of the Just Be Cooking experience. What a great way to spend an evening!read more
Allyn Amanda
Allyn Amanda
I thoroughly enjoyed this evening! You are such a kind and skilled facilitator for something such as this, and we had... a wonderful mix of participants. You decorated the table so beautifully and carefully prepared each dish. It made for just the kind of ‘community’ event I wanted for myself. I’m so pleased, and will look forward to attending a future workshop! Thank you!read more
Cathy Zeleniak -Cruttenden
Cathy Zeleniak -Cruttenden
Great workshop, I've already made the custard tarts twice and they were perfect each time the location is a great space... too. I'm looking forward to taking many more workshops there.read more
Erika Hille
Erika Hille
Amazing little workshop! My sister and I travelled from Ottawa to Toronto just for this workshop. We wanted to get in... touch with our Polish heritage and make our grandmother proud. Maria was incredibly knowledgeable, engaging and have a lovely singing voice. The communal dinner was delicious! Even with a fractured elbow, I was able to participate in the making of several pierogi. Definitely will participate in another workshop.read more


Give your friends & family, employees or clients a fun, interesting and different event!

Communal Meal

In the spirit of working & eating together, everyone puts in 3-5 of their own creations into a common pot. This helps the workshop end on a social, communal note rather than everyone simply downing tools and walking away. The meal gives us all a chance to unwind, chitchat, compare notes and soak up some music.
Also, after all that work during the class you are guaranteed to be hungry - and what's better than a meal you've made yourself, augmented with side dishes, condiments and toppings, accompanied by LIVE music?

Let's talk

If you have any questions or notes please do contact us. We are very pragmatic and flexible.
Collaboration is a key aspect of our business. We are very proactive and always open to meeting new people and making fresh connections.

Just Be Cooking!

Hands-On Cultural Cooking Workshops with Live Music
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