Our Story


At Just Be Cooking we believe food is a mindful experience that has the power to change the world, because it changes people.

From cooking to eating and everything in between, we've been bringing people together since 2017.

On a mission 7 years ago, we set out to revolutionize the way you see food. Having had the pleasure and fun of hosting countless cultural cooking classes across Toronto alongside passionate local chefs and musicians, we have created food experiences people could really connect with.

From Cultural Cooking Classes with Music to Cultural Meal Boxes (post pandemic) we've come a long way.

What has remained constant has been the joy of connecting people to each other through food. We hope you welcome this joy into your life too.


After years of teaching people how to cook, I noticed the impact that food had on our mental health. I was seeing too many people rushing through their day, not connecting with their food or those around them. That's when I decided to create a place to shine a light on the importance of living in the now through food.

Learning to appreciate the nuances and differences between cultures, my multi-cultural family saw me embracing many traditions. With years of living and teaching overseas, I saw the power that food had in bringing people together.

That's when I took my 20 year career in Education, Training and the Culinary Arts to create a place where people could 'Just Be'.

It's been quite a journey (via a pandemic!).

Please join us for the next part of our adventure.

Chef Mari Rozyn,
Founder & Owner of Just Be Cooking