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Just Be Cooking!

PLEASE NOTE - There are ** TWO ** types of tickets available for this event. Make sure you select the correct one for you 🙂
Culinary class is limited space. Dinner is open to everyone!
A legacy of 400 years of Ottoman rule, Bosnia and Herzegovina has been part of six different empires, kingdoms and republics. It's no surprise that the impact of these influences is reflected in the country’s culinary cuisine.
In this rare Masterclass, chef and food photographer Ksenija Hotic will teach you how to make dishes from her Bosnian upbringing. Paired with Eastern European & Middle Eastern songs to fuse Bosnian/Balkan sounds & cuisine together, you are sure to leave this class with a new understanding of this very unique culture.
You’ll start the Masterclass with a glass of red or white wine while nibbling on a welcome starter of Basturma & Sujuk, a plate of traditional Bosnian cured & smoked meat charcuterie, homemade by Ksenija and her father, alongside pickled veggies from the Hotic garden.
After a short introduction, you'll gather around the kitchen island and, working together in teams of two, learn tips and tricks on how to cook and bake TWO traditional Bosnian dishes from start to finish.
Class Dishes
Dish One:
Cabbage Rolls - A classic dish across the Balkans, Bosnian cabbage rolls, or sarme, are stuffed with a mix of ground and smoked meat, rice and spices, wrapped in pickled cabbage leaves. Slow-cooked in a tomato & Balkan spice broth, they are finished with a decadent sizzling butter-based roux.
Dish Two:
Walnut Baklava - A rich, sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts, sweetened and held together with syrup or honey, it's sure to remain in your memory long after it's left your palate.
You will learn:
- How to source, roll & cook cabbage rolls
- Different stuffing and cooking methods
- The spices used of that region
- How to layer & build the baklava
- How to make the baklava syrup
- How to present it all beautifully on a plate
A communal meal follows where guests will savour their creations served with scrumptious Maslenica, a traditional Bosnian braided bread, to soak up all that yummy cabbage roll gravy.
While guests sit back after their hard work, a LIVE performance by Ahmed Moneka & Stacey Yerofeyeva will take center stage, playing a mix of traditional Eastern European & Middle Eastern songs.
Traditional music with classic Bosnian food made by you - what could be better than this?
Ksenija's involvement with food started at a young age in Bosnia in her grandmother’s kitchen and her father’s foraging trips in the woods. At age 11, she fled her home due to civil war leading her on a difficult journey to Berlin and finally settling in Toronto. It wasn't until her involvement with The Depanneur that Ksenija was able to link her own experiences as a refugee with her sociology major and share food as an important and effective tool to cross cultural gaps. An enthusiastic gardener, foodie, traveller and photographer, she cherishes finding the connection to a dish, its ingredients as well as the cook, chef and culture that made it. She was part of the core team behind the Toronto Underground Market, an innovative showcase for alternative culinary talent, has hosted several Drop in Dinners, Supper Clubs, Table Talks and most recently was the photographer and stylist for the The Great Shellfish Cookbook. Her work has been published in the Globe & Mail, the National Post, NOW Magazine, Toronto Life, CTV's The Social, CBC & FORBES, to name a few. We are extremely lucky to have her presence here. http://www.ksenijahotic.com/
Since arriving to Canada from Iraq just three years ago, Ahmed's contributions as a performing artist in music and theatre have been welcomed and notable. The scene has warmly embraced his Iraqi artistic heritage – its stories and songs - into its own growing cultural narrative. Performing vocals and drums with Moneka Arabic Jazz, the group reflects his journey into and through the Toronto music scene. It fuses Maqam – a style of Arabic music he learned in his native Iraq – and African groove and rhythm that he inherited from his African descendants. https://ahmedmoneka.com/
Born in Ukraine and residing in Toronto, Stacey is a world/soul musician. A front woman of the ethno-electro project DoVira and founder of the all-female Balkan band Blisk, she is a multilingual vocalist, with her voice featured on the award-winning show Orphan Black. As keyboardist, she has shared the stage with the likes of Indo-Pakistani band JoSH, reggae act Kidd Rasta & the Peacemakers & opened for the legendary Shafqat Amanat Ali, Jimmy Cliff & Big Sugar to name a few. She holds a diploma in classical piano from the Royal Conservatory of Music, and a Degree in contemporary jazz piano from Humber College. She is the founder/president of entertainment company Stereoflavour providing top-caliber live event music. Stacey has over 9 recorded releases under her belt, including an original full-length r&b/soul album ‘Set The Water Straight’, and DoVira’s latest self-titled release, which was coined ‘world fusion at its best’ by Whole Note Magazine. Stacey is passionate about Toronto’s music community, its unique talent and diversity, has been a FACTOR juror, and is currently on the music advisory committee at Hugh’s Room Live. http://staceyy.com/