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Fun with Cheung Fun!

October 18 @ 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

A hugely popular street food, Cheung Fun or Steamed Rice Noodles is a Cantonese dish from southern China commonly served as a snack, small meal or as a variety of dim sum.
Silky and smooth in texture it's essentially a steamed pancake batter made up of different types of flour with a variety of fillings. In this rare hands-on workshop, Chef Donald Quan will share with you his boyhood Cheung Fun recipe kept secret.
You’ll start the Cheung Fun workshop with freshly baked Chinese sweet and savoury buns and pastries, then dive into learning how to make the perfect Cheung Fun. Working together in teams of two, you'll learn:
How to make the Cheung Fun Batter
How to correctly use the steaming tray
How to make 3 traditional fillings: dried shrimp, shrimp and veggie
How to make the dipping sauce
How to fill, roll and assemble the Cheung Fun
A communal meal follows where Donald will serve his traditional chicken, cashew and bok choy fried rice recipe served with the traditional bowl of steamed rice with Cheung Fun on the side of course! Guests will also enjoy a LIVE performance by Juni Yeung, a player and teacher of the guqin, the ancient Chinese seven-stringed zither, while dressed in hanfu, the traditional robe worn by the Chinese prior to the Manchu dynasty.
Traditional music, food made by you and the history behind it, now what could be better than this?
Donald Quan is an accomplished film music composer and musician who has recently expanded his professional resume to include the culinary arts after many years experience. He is most known for performing and touring with Loreena McKennitt and Lighthouse and for scoring the international television series “Relic Hunter” and “Starhunter REDUX”.
A scholar on Chinese traditional arts and culture, Juni's career has spanned nearly 20 years. Most notably she has written Standards of the Guqin, the first and only English textbook referencing the musical theory behind this rare traditional instrument. A tailor and activist on the revival of the hanfu, the traditional robe worn by the Chinese prior to the Manchu dynasty, she keenly helps promote the youth generation to restore its heritage into daily living.


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Cheung Fun Workshop$75.00Learn to make Cheung Fun from scratch!

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October 18
6:30 pm - 9:30 pm
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