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Culinary class is limited space. Dinner is open to everyone!
Dating back to the 16th century, when Spanish explorers introduced potatoes from South America to Italian kitchens, the gnocchi we know today was born. Thought to come from the Italian word nocca, meaning knuckle, or the Gallo-Italic word knohha, meaning a knot in wood, these nooks and crannies created help provide a place where creamy and delicious sauces can hide, guaranteeing full flavor every time.
In this rare Masterclass, Chef Laura Guanti will teach you how to make dishes from her Italian upbringing, with an Easter twist! Paired with traditional Italian music by Giordano Cattonar all while enjoying a candlelit authentic Italian meal,
You’ll start the Masterclass with a glass of red or white wine (juice also available) while nibbling on a welcome platter of chacuterie and cheese.
After a short introduction, you'll gather around the kitchen island and, working together in teams of two, learn tips and tricks on how to cook and bake TWO traditional Italian dishes from start to finish.
Class Dishes
Dish One:
Gnocchi and Sauces - You'll make 3 types of gnocchi and 3 types of sauces. White potato gnocchi in a lamb ragù, Green spinach gnocchi in a gorgonzola and pistachio crema. And lastly, beet gnocchi in a butter and sage sauce.
Dish Two:
Italian Easter Bread - Known as Pane di Pasqua, this fluffy and eggy bread is served during Easter time in Italian cultures. Bursting with sweet flavors of citrus and anise and braided with painted eggs, which also hold incredible Easter significance as signs from nature of new life, it's the perfect Easter table centerpiece.
You Will Learn How To:
- Paint your own Easter eggs using vegetable purées
- Shape the Easter bread
- Make 3 types of gnocchi: Potato, Green Spinach and Beet
- Make 3 types of sauces: Lamb Ragù, Gorgonzola and Pistachio Crema and Butter and Sage
- How to properly cook gnocchi
- How to present it all beautifully on a plate!
A communal meal follows where guests will savour their creations.
While guests sit back after their hard work, a LIVE performance by Italian musician Giordano Cattonar will take center stage, playing traditional Italian music, sharing stories behind their origins.
Traditional music with classic Italian food made by you - what could be better than this?
Your payment is needed ahead of the date to secure your spot.
There is a 50% charge for cancellations within 24 hours of the workshop date.
Laura graduated from George Brown College in Culinary Management. She then continued her studies by completing a post graduate program of Italian Cuisine, where she got the chance to travel to Italy, studying in Emilia Romagna (home of some on Italy's best pasta), while working in a fine dining restaurant in Potenza. It was an amazing experience that allowed Laura to better understand her own family traditions and roots. Growing up, she was always surrounded by beautiful Italian food and learning authentic recipes. It was this trip that concluded what she was meant to do, to make fresh pasta! She hopes her love for the art of fresh pasta making will one day allow her to open a store of her own, making fresh homemade pasta to share with the world!
Born in Verona Italy, Giordano began private lessons in classical guitar at the age of 15. He grew up admiring heroes and guitar legends such as Carlos Santana and David Gilmore. Giordano has performed around the world for the past 21 years and has entertained thousands in an array of enchanting locations across Europe, the Amalfi coast and the French and Swiss Alps. Described as a smooth acoustic/electric guitarist and enchanting vocalist, he has acquired the moniker “Numero Uno” from both locals and the countless tourists who have enjoyed his performances for almost a decade. His music can be heard worldwide on “World Talents Radio” where three of his songs have reached the TOP 10 and have continued to be in the top 100 for the past two years. He has appeared on BBC Radio, Radio Nostra Italia, Radio Italia, both Radio & Tele Verona, CHIN Radio, RAI TV, CANALE 5, ITV, CHANNEL 4 in England, and City-TV in Canada. We are extremely proud to have his presence here.

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