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Just Be Cooking!

Overflowing with the most delicious sweet treats around every corner, it is just too hard to resist not getting your daily flaky melt-in-your-mouth pastry fix when in France. So we've decided to bring France to you!
In this hands-on workshop, French trained pastry chef Anton Lapleau will share with you his years of tips and tricks for making the perfect French Raspberry Tart.
You’ll start the French Pastry Class with fresh baguettes and butter, then dive into learning how to make the perfect Raspberry Tart, mastering basic pastry skills along the way. Working together in teams of two, you'll learn:
How to make the sponge cake
How to make the streusel
How to make the red marmalade
How to use the piping bags
How to make the traditional Chantilly cream filling from scratch
How to decorate and assemble the tart
How to present it all beautifully on a plate 🙂
A communal meal follows where Anton will serve his traditional Chicken Celestine. Cooked in white wine and cognac sauce with mushrooms, tomatoes and garlic, it's a specialty dish from his home town of Lyon that's sure to leave the palate wanting more. Paired with steamed rice and a crisp garden salad. And for dessert? Raspberry Tart of course!
While guests enjoy their meal, a LIVE performance by French jazz and swing band Viper's Cloud will take center stage. With Nathan Beja on guitar and Jacob Gorzhaltsan on clarinet, you're sure to be transported back to 1940’s Paris.
Traditional music, food made by you and the history behind it, now WHAT could be better than this?!
A French Pastry Chef, Anton started to study the art of pastry making in 2010 in France. Since then he has worked with renowned pastry chefs from Nadege Pâtisserie, Pascal Caffet and Franck Fresson. Since he discovered Toronto in 2012, his goal was to come back to this great city. That became reality in 2016 and he returned for another year of experience at Nadege Pâtisserie. He's currently one of the top pastry chefs at the Toronto based French bakery cafe Bonjour Brioche.
A high energy French gypsy jazz band based in Toronto, Nathan and the lads bring their charming jazz manouche tunes to life, transporting you to 1940’s Paris through a musical performance of early jazz and swing.