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With its exotic ingredients and tongue-tingling flavours, Indian cuisine can be both exciting and intimidating, much like love. After all, it is in India where you will see all day, every day, no matter how rich or poor, the love people have for each other, their romance depicted eloquently through their music and dance with many of their spices known to be love inducing. Enter a journey merging tastes and a full palette of flavours - spicy, sour, sweet, and hot- simultaneously warming your heart while expressing themselves from the plate to your lips.
In this hands-on Valentine's Day culinary class followed by a candlelit dinner paired with sounds from LIVE authentic Indian musicians, Chef Doris Fin and Musicians Deepankar Ganguly and John Gomes will take you and your partner on an unforgettable journey through flavours, sounds and tales of India.
* Great for Vegetarians, Vegans and Gluten-Free participants!
Upon arrival, guests will be greeted with a smooth mango lassi paired with delicious Indian treats as well as print outs of the class recipes.
A glass of red or white wine will then be served provided by Karlo Estates, the only vegan winery in the world! Guests will then transfer over to our spacious kitchen island where they will cook their own Indian dishes in pairs using fresh ingredients. There will be plenty of discussion about nutrition, sourcing, flavours plus an explanation of each dish Chef Doris collected during her culinary expedition in India which she has tweaked to make easy to recreate at home all year round. You'll hear about the stories behind the people she met, stayed with, cooked with and why these 2 dishes (below) are her favourite to share at gatherings no matter where in the world she makes them. They may just become your favourites too.
Class Dishes:
- Kichiri - A favourite Indian comfort food made of fresh spices, vegetables and rice. The aromas from your pots will surely transport you to India.
- Pakoras - Spiced Indian chickpea fritters filled with tender slices of potato, onions, spinach, cilantro, toasted coriander seeds and red chili pepper flakes
   to add bright pops of flavour and just the right amount of heat.
- Mango Lassi Demo
An intimate, candlelit communal meal follows where guests will savour their creations paired with extra dishes made by Chef Doris:
Chutneys for dipping
Vegetable coconut curry
Indian Spiced Bliss Cake
Hot chai
While guests sit back after their hard work, a LIVE performance by Deepankar Ganguly on bansuri and John Gomes on tabla will take center stage. Coming from a tradition of Bamboo Flutists and steeped in the Hindustani tradition, Deep is dedicated to promoting the art of playing the Bansuri, an ancient art form that has the power to enhance wellness and transform lives. He'll share stories about the music, link songs to the dishes and to the theme of love. With him will be John Gomes playing the traditional rhythm drums of India. Known for his speed and dexterity, John's talents will be on display in solo pieces he will play to bring out the nuances of this instrument.
Traditional music, food made by you and the history behind it, now WHAT could be better than this?! 🙂
An award winning international chef based out of Toronto, Doris specializes in plant-based culinary arts, teaches interactive culinary classes, caters private events, and is currently working on a cookbook and traveling for her documentary film series featuring food of the world with top chefs and farmers. She loves to ignite the intuitive inner chef in you!
From a very young age the Bansuri captured Deep's imagination. Learning from his father Late Shri Bhabani Sankar, his training took him to other learned musicians such as his guru Late Pandit Malhar Rao Kulkarni. A serious teacher of the Bansuri, Deep teaches this wonderful wind instrument in the tradition of the Guru-Shisya Parampara (meaning teacher-disciple tradition) with an emphasis on dedication, peace, connection of the breath in order to enhance the latent inner qualities of individuals, which is present in all of us.,
An accomplished player of the traditional tabla, the rhythm drums of India, John Gomes has accompanied regularly in Canada and the US. He has mastered this instrument which originated from the Mughal courts since the early 1500s.

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