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Best Borscht Workshop!
The ONLY borscht workshop in Toronto!
Nov 19
7:00 PM

Barszcz, barščiai or borscht, whatever you call it, is seen by many as the pride of old Polish cooking and according to traditional belief, holds healing power. Beets are wonderfully nutritious, full of vitamins like Folate, A and C and rich in minerals like potassium and manganese.

It’s a love affair that lasts all year!

In this fun, hands-on workshop, Maria Rozynska will teach you how to make traditional borscht (beetroot soup), kvass and uszka from scratch! You’ll start the class with a warm kompot and some bread, then roll up your sleeves (literally!) and dive into learning how to make traditional Polish uszka, or mushroom filled dumplings, that are served with the borscht.

Maria will demonstrate the making & kneading of the dough, then provide individual amounts for each person to work with as well as provide the filling. A demonstration on how to prepare kvass, the beetroot concentrate that makes the borscht taste so darn good, will also be presented as well as the making of the borscht.

* Great for vegetarians!

Our fillings and broth consist of just the various vegetables or dairy ingredients. There are no meat products included.

Singing while making food, or indeed during any work, is a deeply Polish tradition so while we work Maria will sing a traditional folk song or two!

The workshop finishes with a communal meal where guests will get to try all their creations in class. Extra dishes pre-made by Maria are also served, such as sledzie (pickled herring), slowly marinated in olive oil with chopped onions, garlic and bay leaves with a side of fresh light rye bread PLUS makowiec (poppyseed cake) for dessert! Leftovers can be taken home and frozen (if you can resist eating them on the way home .😉

Come and warm up with us!
Until then, smacznego!
~ Maria


A self-taught cook, Maria grew up in a Polish household observing her mother, grandmother and great grandmother knead, roll, shape, mallet and whisk consistently yummy Polish cuisine picking up generations of knowledge.

What started as a passion turned into a business. Maria now teaches others how to make their own traditional Polish food, and invites other chefs to do the same through her school Just Be Cooking, with LIVE traditional music in order to keep alive recipes and traditions long gone.

A communal meal follows each of her workshops where guests can eat their creations while songs are sung and stories shared 🙂

Here are some of the expected ingredients:



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