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Polish Holiday Cooking: Barszcz & Uszka

Traditional Polish Borscht, from scratch!
Start Time
4:00 PM
End Time
5:30 PM
Maria Rozynska
Please Note: 1 Ticket per Screen

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In the spirit of the season, Chef Maria Rozynska will lead you through the process of making traditional Polish barszcz or borscht (beet soup) and uszka (dumplings) from start to finish!


Polish Christmas Eve dinner often starts with red borscht and requires time to make. A sour base (kvass) which is made a few days in advance is the first thing to go. Then the Christmas Borscht: flavorful, slightly sweet beet and cabbage broth. The borscht is then mixed with the kvass and served over freshly made uszka, or 'ear-shaped' dumplings, filled with traditional wild Polish borowik mushrooms straight from the forests of Poland. A dish sure to tingle every taste bud.

Cook along or sit back, sip some wine and just watch!


Fermented Borscht
(the borscht sour base & what gives it that 'oh so yummy' taste)

Christmas Red Borscht (Beetroot Soup)
Flavourful, slightly sweet beet and cabbage broth

Ear-shaped mushroom filled dumplings

You’ll Learn:

  •     Why Kvass is SO important, not just in your borscht!
  •     How to cheat (a bit) and make borscht quick 
  •     Why you should always turn over your dough 
  •     What to do with all those scraps
  •     + a Christmas song or two! 

$25 per Screen + Recipes + Song List

1.5 hrs. (may go a bit over, there's singing did you know)

Recipes & Ingredients list will be sent via e-mail two days before the workshop, including what needs to be prepped if you are cooking along. The workshop will last approx 1.5 hours and may go a bit over. Numbers are limited so don’t miss out!!

A Song List will also be sent via e-mail with some of Chef Maria's favorite Polish Christmas songs (kolędy) you can play in the background or before the demo to get you in that lovely Christmas mood!

Full Refund 48 hours before the workshop date.
50% charge for cancellations within 48 hours (2 days) of the workshop date.


At the end guests will unmute for questions and a chat. Not mandatory to stay. Free to go & eat.

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Maria Rozynska
Founder and Owner of Just Be Cooking, mother, wife and chef, Maria Rozynska has taught people how to make traditional Polish food while singing songs from the Polish Highlands for most of her adult life. Why? To preserve her heritage, recipes and traditions that may be losing their traditional roots with the passing of older generations, dishes that we have cooked, served and eaten our whole lives. 

They were the recipes and songs worth talking about and ones she wanted to spread. Through her cultural cooking school Just Be Cooking, Maria has invited other international chefs from many different backgrounds to do the same in order to break down cultural barriers by uniting, not dividing, through food and song.


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