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Sonhos: A Christmas Dream
A Portuguese Christmas experience. 🎄
Jan 14
6:30 PM
Traditionally served during the Portuguese Christmas season, Sonhos, or "Christmas Dreams", are mini fried cakes finished with a dust of cinnamon sugar. Similar to small doughnuts but much lighter in texture, you will think you're dreaming when you bite into one of these puffy bits of bliss!
In this special Christmas edition of our cultural hands-on workshops, Portuguese Chef Carla Ramos from Table to Share will lead you on a journey of savory sweetness. Equipped with her Christmas Sonhos recipe straight from the country itself, Carla will teach you how to prepare two types of these delicious puffy treats, traditional and carrot, sure to impress your family and friends during the holiday season and beyond!
Guests will enjoy a LIVE performance by Portuguese artist John Ferreira during the communal meal where an authentic Christmas inspired Portuguese meal awaits.
This exciting collaboration between Chef Carla Ramos and singer John Ferreira offers an intimate glimpse into the true heart and soul of Portugal.
You’ll start the class with yellow corn bread served with butter while Carla makes a short presentation on Portuguese cuisine. Then working together in teams of two, you'll learn the secrets behind how to make the most puffy Sonhos, traditional and carrot.
Guests will prepare extras to be taken home, if they last until then 😉
While guests Sonhos are turning golden in their cookers, Carla will demonstrate how to prepare Pumpkin Sonhos, a popular variation on the traditional.
A communal meal with authentic Portuguese music by the ever-talented John Ferreira follows where Carla will serve Bacalhau com Natas (Cod with Cream) that couldn’t miss at any traditional Christmas Portuguese dinner. As the popular saying goes “There are 365 ways of cooking Cod, one for each day of the year!” Paired nicely with a crisp garden salad and for dessert? Sonhos of course! 😉
Traditional music, food made by you and and the history behind it, now WHAT could be better than this?!
Born and raised in the traditional Portuguese village of Sintra, food has always been the centre of every moment of her life. Truly passionate about food and travelling, Carla developed a curiosity to explore cuisines from different cultures. After more than 10 years working in finance, and being inspired by Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in the World, Carla decided to follow her true passion and pursuit a career in the food service industry.
The idea for Table to Share came out because of Carla’s belief that filling a table with food is the most honest way to connect with people, experiences and enjoy life.
Table to Share was founded with the mission to introduce curious Food Lovers to multicultural tastes and traditions from around the World. Every experience is based on a featured country cuisine and celebrates ingredients, flavors and traditions of the region. Guests share family-style dishes, drinks and authentic tastes while learning about the culinary and cultural impact of the featured cuisine. The events take place at authentic local restaurants in Toronto.
Table to Share commitment is to appeal to your imagination and culinary senses and provide you with an evening to remember.
John has captivated his audiences in Canada, US, Cuba and Portugal with the greatest hits of yesterday and today. John is a multi-instrumentalist, playing keyboards, drums, bass and guitar, recording many artists in his studio. His diverse style varies from Portuguese hits to the rock of Prince, the soulful styling of Louis Armstrong and the pop sensations of today like Enrique Iglesias and Bruno Mars.


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