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Taste of Turkey with LIVE Music!
Taste what Turkey has to offer, made by you!
Jan 10
6:30 PM
Turkish cuisine has such diversity that goes beyond the widely-known doner and kebab. With its influences from the Mediterranean, the Middle East and Asia due to the wide-spanning reach of the Ottoman Empire, it's sure to offer an interesting cross-cultural experience.
If you ever visit Turkey, you will notice straight away that Turkish people love to dine first with “mezes”. These are several small dishes shared with one another. The options for “mezes” are endless which make for interesting exploration.
In this fun, hands-on workshop, Chef Charlotte Moffatt will teach you how to make 3 types of traditional Turkish Mezes as well as Pide Dough, a traditional Turkish boat-shaped flatbread filled to the brim with various toppings.
You’ll start the class warming yourself up with mercimek corba (red lentil soup) then in teams of two learn how to make your very own
Pide Dough using 2 fillings:
- Cheese and spinach pide for our vegetarian guests
- Ground lamb pide for our meat lovers
* Guests are of course welcomed to enjoy both types!
While everyone's pide dough is rising, Charlotte will shift to teaching how to make 3 traditional types of Mezes:
- Eroin (Whole Chilis with Spicy Oil and Yogurt Dip)
- Yoğurt Patlican (Charred Eggplant and Garlic Yogurt Dip)
- Şakşuka (Peppers, Tomatoes, Eggplant, & Parsley with Olive Oil)
A communal meal follows where guests will savour all their creations in class. And what better way to kick back and relax after all that work then by enjoying LIVE traditional Turkish music sung by artist Brenna MacCrimmon with Georgia Hathaway on violin, all while learning interesting food-related Turkish customs and sayings.
Traditional music, food made by you and and the history behind it, now WHAT could be better than this?!
Charlotte had the amazing opportunity to teach in Izmir, Turkey for three years and Colombia for two. Moving to Turkey allowed Charlotte to learn an abundance about Turkish food and culture, especially Turkish cooking through dinner parties with her friends who were eager to show her how. In Colombia, she carried over her passion for food by incorporating food education into the science and math curriculum for her fourth graders. Charlotte is a serious home chef who also asks herself "how can I make that from scratch"? In Canada, she has run a culinary summer camp for kids along with after school workshops.
Brenna MacCrimmon has been delving into the rich traditions of Turkish and Balkan music since the 1980’s. She has spent many years studying music in Turkey, working with such artists as clarinetist Selim Sesler and accordionist Muammer Ketencoğlu. In addition to recording and performing in Canada, the US, and Europe, Brenna has taught Turkish and Balkan songs at workshops across North America, France, Turkey and Japan.
Georgia Hathaway became passionate about Turkish music through her study of Arabic music, beginning in East Africa in 2011. She is a member of the Blue Dot Ensemble, which explores Persian, Turkish, and Arabic music and performs regularly with the Canadian Arabic Orchestra. Brenna and Georgia first got to know each other in 2016, and worked together as part of a larger ensemble performing at the Ismaili Centre in Toronto. They bring a shared passion for Turkish music and culture to their performances.
Here are some of the expected ingredients:



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