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Culinary class is limited space. Dinner is open to everyone!

Learning how to cook is a life long process! So why not learn from a master? In this special French Cooking Masterclass, French Chef Anton Lapleau will show you how to cook and bake perfect French food, from start to finish!

A cookbook can only do so much - at the end of the day we learn quickest by watching others and actually doing the work. That is where Anton's years of working with French food comes in. Everything he's learned, understood and perfected is revealed in this Masterclass, taught by a true Frenchman from the heart of France.

You’ll start the Masterclass with a glass of red or white wine while nibbling on saucisson, a variety of thick, dry cured sausage paired with fresh French baguettes & butter.

After a short introduction, you'll gather around the kitchen island and, working together in teams of two, learn tips and tricks on how to cook and bake TWO traditional French dishes from start to finish.

Class Dishes

Dish One:
Chicken Celestine - A specialty dish from Anton's home town of Lyon, chicken celetine is cooked in white wine and cognac sauce with mushrooms, tomatoes and garlic. Paired with steamed rice and crisp garden salad, it's sure to leave the palate wanting more.

Dish Two:
Fruit Verrines - Whether it's a tiramisu for Christmas or a cheesecake for any other occasion, verrines are your new dessert best friend! Composed like an English trifle or parfait using a variety of fresh fruit, they are served individually in small, clear containers. With its transparency allowing you to see each colorful layer, it's sure to charm the most trendy guests.

You will learn:
How to make the chicken celestine sauce
How to properly cook the celestine
How to make the traditional Chantilly cream filling from scratch
How to use the piping bags
How to decorate and assemble the fruit verrines
How to present it all beautifully on a plate 🙂

A communal meal follows where guests will savour their creations in class. While guests sit back after their hard work, a LIVE performance by Mélyssa Rose from French jazz band Minuit à Paris and Nathan Beja from Viper Cloud on guitar and Mo Mitchell on violin, will take center stage. Playing a mix of traditional jazz with a touch of Edith Piaf, you're sure to be transported back to 1940’s Paris.

Traditional French music with classic French food made by you - what could be better than this?

A French Pastry Chef, Anton started to study the art of pastry making in 2010 in France. Since then he has worked with renowned pastry chefs from Nadege Pâtisserie, Pascal Caffet and Franck Fresson. Since he discovered Toronto in 2012, his goal was to come back to this great city. That became reality in 2016 and he returned for another year of experience at Nadege Pâtisserie. He's currently one of the top pastry chefs at the Toronto based French bakery cafe Bonjour Brioche.

Born and raised in France, Mélyssa Rose moved to New York City at the age of thirty years old to pursue her dream of becoming a jazz singer. After one year in New York City where she performed in bars, French restaurants and jazz clubs, Mélyssa moved to Toronto. Specializing in French music from the 1950s, Mélyssa interprets and tells stories, uncovering the secrets of the songs in her repertoire. The singer also lends herself to American jazz standards, but always with a Parisian aesthetic. Minuit a Paris.

A high energy French gypsy jazz band based in Toronto, Nathan and the lads bring their charming jazz manouche tunes to life, transporting you to 1940’s Paris through a musical performance of early jazz and swing.

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