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Just Be Cooking!

PLEASE NOTE - There are *TWO* types of tickets available for this event. Make sure you select the correct one for you 🙂
Culinary class is limited space. Dinner is open to everyone!
Poland has brought special genius to almost every field of endeavor, so it should not be surprising that a country that has produced so many geniuses, could also produce a cuisine of exceptional quality.
In this rare Masterclass, teacher, singer, chef and founder of Just Be Cooking Maria Rozynska will teach you how to make dishes from her Polish upbringing. Paired with Eastern European songs by the all female band Blisk to fuse Polish sounds & cuisine together, you are sure to leave this class with a new understanding of this very unique culture.
You’ll start the Masterclass with a glass of red or white wine (juice also available) while nibbling on a welcome starter of Borscht with homemade uszka, a traditional Polish beetroot soup (served warm or chilled) with mushroom filled dumplings.
After a short introduction on Polish cuisine, you'll gather around the kitchen island and, working together in teams of two, learn tips and tricks on how to cook and bake TWO traditional Polish dishes from start to finish.
Class Dishes
Dish One:
Pierogi - A classic dish across Eastern Europe, pierogi are made by wrapping unleavened dough around a savory or sweet filling and cooking in boiling water or pan frying. You won't be able to eat just one.
Dish Two:
Apple Sharlotka - A sweet dessert filled with stewed apples spiced with cinnamon and topped with crumble, it's sure to remain in your memory long after it's left your palate.
You will learn:
- How to make your own pierogi dough
- How to knead, roll, fill & shape pierogi from start to finish
- How to make three traditional vegetarian fillings from scratch
- How to make Sharlotka
- How to present it all beautifully on a plate
Singing while making food, or indeed during any work, is a deeply Polish tradition so while guests work, Maria will sing a traditional folk song or two!
The workshop finishes with a communal meal where Maria will be providing various extra dishes, each one with a strong Polish theme and history, such as Mizeria, a traditional mandolin sliced cucumber salad marinated in a salty sweet vinegar mixture served with a fresh creme and dill dressing. Pierogi will be served with the traditional warm caramelized onion topping! Yumm!
While guests sit back after their hard work, a LIVE performance by the all female band Blisk will take center stage, playing a mix of traditional Eastern European & Balkan songs.
Traditional music with classic Polish food made by you - what could be better than this?
LOCATION: 201 Weston Road, Unit G1, Toronto
DATE: Monday June 10th 2019
TIME: 6:30PM-9:30PM
TICKET A: $130 (tax included): Workshop, Glass of Wine, Meal & Band (Arrive @ 6PM)
TICKET B: $25 (tax included): Meal & Band (Arrive @ 8:30PM)
Your payment is needed ahead of the date to secure your spot.
There is a 50% charge for cancellations within 24 hours of the workshop date.
Founder and owner of Just Be Cooking, Maria Rozynska grew up in a Polish household observing her mother, grandmother and great grandmother knead, roll, shape, mallet and whisk consistently yummy Polish cuisine picking up generations of knowledge. They were the recipes worth talking about and ones Maria wanted to spread. Through her cultural cooking school, Maria now teaches others how to make traditional Polish food, while inviting other cultures to do the same in order to keep alive family recipes and traditions. Her commitment is simple: Together we will break down barriers by spreading cultural recipes along with their musical traditions in order to touch and transform as many lives as we can.
A synthesis of polyphonic Eastern European and Balkan song, dance and movement backed by hypnotic percussion, Blisk is described as a musical journey travelling through Ukraine, Poland, Macedonia, Serbia and beyond. The group was brought together by a deep love and respect for these ancient songs and dances, bringing the tunes to life in the modern world through unique staging and arrangements. Originally put together for multiple performances at the Toronto Ukrainian Festival in September 2017, Blisk made its official public debut in December of 2017 at the Aga Khan Museum opening for JUNO-nominated group Turkwaz. Since then, they have performed at Sofar Sounds Toronto, the Global Toronto Conference, Mundial Montreal, Folk Alliance International, and SING! Toronto Vocal Arts Festival. Roots Music Canada has described BLISK as “beauty – in the voices, the look, and the sounds.”Based in Toronto, the members of BLISK hail from Canada, Ukraine, Poland and Kazakhstan. Catch them at our workshop before they head off for their West Canada Tour this summer!