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Gift Card


Give the gift of cooking culture with our all-new Gift Cards!  Perfect for that special someone you know who would love to experience our cultural events, but unsure when they would be able to go. A Christmas present guaranteed to be enjoyed! Redeemable any time.

Please Note: Coupon Codes cannot be applied to gift cards.

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Redeeming the gift card

1 An email will be sent to the recipient(s) containing a 16-digit Gift Card number.
2 In that same email there will be a REDEEM button. When clicked, it will take the 
  recipient to www.justbecooking.com. There they can select a workshop or event of their              choice. The Gift Card amount will automatically be applied at checkout.
3 If the recipient has left-over balance on their Gift Card, they can simply enter their          16-digit-Gift Card number at checkout into the provided box titled "Got A Gift Card?" 
4If you login or create an account you will be able to check your balance there also