Maria Rozynska

Cześć! 🙂

I am the founder and manager of Just Be Cooking. In my own Polish Workshops I teach people how to make traditional Polish food, accompanied by live music and singing songs from the Polish Highlands.

In April 2017 I quit my comfy Educational Sector job to pursue my passion for cooking, teaching and singing. That’s when Just Be Cooking was born - I want to share the recipes & traditions that I learned growing up in Poland and here in Canada. I remember watching my Polish-Ukrainian mother, grandmother and great-grandmother making delicious Polish cuisine, singing as they worked. I have a deep desire to pass on their recipes, traditions and songs. A fun, entertaining workshop is perfect for this!

Just Be Cooking grew out of my desire to bring people together through food and song. I deeply enjoy teaching and view it as a fundamentally collaborative and hands-on process. The workshops and events I organize and host with my fellow collaborators revolve around this practical, fun and experience driven approach.

I love combining music with food so adding in a band to each workshop, from within that culture, feels like a perfect fit. This helps turn the workshops from mere classes into strongly cultural events. This adds interesting texture that really expands the workshop past the basic concept of a cooking class.

For a list of my upcoming Hands-on Polish cooking workshop, check out the Upcoming Workshops page.
I also host corporate and private workshops.

Maria Rozynska
Teacher | Singer | Cook

Antonin Lapleau


A French Pastry Chef, I started to study the art of pastry making in 2010 in France. Since then I have worked with renowned pastry chefs from Nadege Pâtisserie, Pascal Caffet and Franck Fresson. Since discovering Toronto in 2012, my goal was to come back to this great city. That became reality in 2016 and I returned for another year of experience at Nadege Pâtisserie. I'm currently one of the top pastry chefs at the Toronto based French bakery cafe Bonjour Brioche.

Bon Appetit!
Antonin Lapleau
Pastry Chef | Teacher

Carla Ramos

Olá! 🙂

Born and raised in the traditional Portuguese village of Sintra, food has always been the centre of every moment of my life. I am truly passionate about food and travelling, Early in life I developed a curiosity to explore cuisines from different cultures. After more than 10 years working in finance, and being inspired by Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in the World, I decided to follow my true passion and pursue a career in the food service industry.

The idea for Table to Share came out because of my belief that filling a table with food is the most honest way to connect with people, experiences and enjoy life.

Table to Share was founded with the mission to introduce curious Food Lovers to multicultural tastes and traditions from around the World. Every experience is based on a featured country cuisine and celebrates ingredients, flavors and traditions of the region. Guests share family-style dishes, drinks and authentic tastes while learning about the culinary and cultural impact of the featured cuisine. The events take place at authentic local restaurants in Toronto.

Table to Share's commitment is to appeal to your imagination and culinary senses and provide you with an evening to remember.

Carla Ramos
Founder, "Table to Share"

Chef Pascal Geffroy


I am from France and have been cooking since I was 14. I am the Head Chef and Owner of Batifole Gourmand, a classic French restaurant just west of Carlaw & Gerrard. Before coming to Toronto six years ago I managed kitchens in Nyons and the Rhône. Here in Canada I was sous chef to Didier Leory at his restaurant, Didier, followed by three years cooking with Jean-Jacques Texier, the original owner of Batifole, before becoming the head chef at Papillon on Front St. When Texier decided to sell his baby, I took the opportunity and have been running Batifole restaurant since 2013.

About Batifole
Batifole Gourmand is an intimate French restaurant that serves simple, comfortable French food without pretense and has been a popular destination for residents of Riverdale and Leslieville for more than 10 years. Chef Pascal's goal is to make you feel at home, help you unwind, relax and have a great time among friends. Uniquely located in the Old (East-end) Chinatown, the restaurant has caught the attention of food critics and has received many rave reviews. Come experience this hidden gem for yourself!

I want to keep the idea of Batifole. People like it and I don’t want to change it, but now it’s me. The spirit of the house will live on, very casual, not pretentious, and good food. This is my priority.

Bon Appetit!
Pascal Geffroy
Head Chef & Owner, Batifole Gourmand.
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