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Just Be Cooking!


A strong taste of classic Polish food, hosted by Maria Rozynska

Each Polish Workshop follows the same basic pattern, with some small 
variations (such as if the Polky Village Band will be joining us, see below).


Guests are very important in Polish custom. 
Each guest to the workshop is offered a classic Polish appetizer such as borscht, a heartwarming beetroot broth.

This helps sets the tone for the evening, creating a welcoming, open and friendly environment.


A mini-presentation about Polish food & culture follows the initial introductions. Maria gives some cultural background of both herself and the dish we'll be making, as well as some brief pointers on Polish culture in general. Short, sweet and to the point.

Then we roll up our sleeves (literally!) and dive into making a traditional Polish dish!

The Workshop

Maria will clearly explain the various steps and stages involved in making the dish.

These workshops are fundamentally based on the idea that hands-on experience is far, far better than learning "at a distance"; so, at each stage guests will be actually practicing what Maria is describing.
Rolling, kneading and forming the dough, cutting shapes, learning about fillings - you'll do everything in person, with the exact same ingredients and utensils you'll need at home. Maria is very approachable and helpful, work with each student in turn around the group.

Everyone learns at different rates and Maria is very aware of this fact. She will make each step an engaging and fun process, no matter your learning speed, age or cooking ability.

Music & Song

Singing while making food, or indeed during any work, is a deeply Polish tradition so in each workshop, as you make your dish, Maria will sing songs from the Polish highlands! She is a trained choral soprano and a very entertaining performer.
Some workshops will also have a live Polish folk music band, the Polky Village Band, led by Ewelina Ferenc.

They are one of the GTA's premier folk music bands, playing a wide range of traditional music and instruments. They will take you on a musical journey to Eastern and Central Europe, in which you'll hear Carpathian, Jewish, Gypsy, Ukrainian, Slovak and Hungarian influences!

Communal Meal

A communal meal follows each workshop, where we eat our creations! We provide extra fixings such as Polish salads, a complimentary shot of vodka (if you wish) or a refreshing class of "kompot“ a rural non-alcoholic sweet beverage prepared from several kinds of dried fruit, served cool.

Remainders can be taken home and frozen (if you can resist eating them on the way! ).
Generally, a workshop lasts about 2.5 - 3 hours, depending on the dish in question. They are interesting, fun events and well worth your time!