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Music Type
Eastern European Folk
Music Type
Eastern European Folk
Ewalina is a founding member of two of the GTA's premier Eastern European folk music bands, the Polky Band and Blisk. After coming to Toronto Ewelina met dancer and choreographer Ala Stasiuk, sharing a deep interest and love of their shared musical heritage.
Ewalina and Ala were eager to share the music and dance they learned growing up in Poland with some incredible Canadian musicians, so in 2017 Polky Band was founded. The band came together through a shared passion for the unique and enigmatic style of Central and Eastern-European folk music. Ewalina & Polky Village Band often perform at our Polish Workshops. They generally play towards the end as we wrap up the workshop part of our event and start sitting down for the communal meal. Maria often joins in, singing along to songs shes heard all her life. A very lively, engaging and above all fun musical background to an evening steeped in Eastern European culture! Ewelina's other main band, BLISK, is a synthesis of polyphonic Eastern European and Balkan song, dance and movement backed by hypnotic percussion. It is described as a musical journey travelling through Ukraine, Poland, Macedonia, Serbia and beyond. Based in Toronto, the members of the group hail from Canada, Ukraine, Poland and Kazakhstan.
Ewelina's voice is a beautiful, distinct soprano, lilting perfectly through melodic folk songs from throughout Eastern Europe. She adds a musical authenticity to our Polish events that is very difficult to find anywhere else.