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Music Type
French Jazz & Love Ballads
Music Type
French Jazz & Love Ballads
Specializing in French music from the 1950s, Mélyssa interprets and tells stories, uncovering the secrets of the songs in her repertoire. The singer also lends herself to American jazz standards, but always with a Parisian esthetic. Mélyssa is a born natural with a certain “je ne sais quoi”.
Born and raised in France, Mélyssa moved to New York City at the age of thirty years old to pursue her dream of becoming a jazz singer. With absolutely no musical background or contacts, she realized her childhood dream: singing jazz in the Big Apple. After one year in New York City where she performed in bars, French restaurants and jazz clubs, Mélyssa moved to Toronto – a move which allowed her to balance music and a more peaceful way of life. She met Kevin Barrett, a great Canadian guitarist and the talented Portuguese accordionist Louis Simao. The collaboration of these 3 passionate musicians, perfect picture of Toronto melting-pot became "Minuit à Paris" a mix of traditional jazz with a touch of Edith Piaf.
With her love of French Jazz and especially of Edith Piaf, Mélyssa Rose & the band Minuit à Paris are a perfect match to our French Workshops & Masterclasses.